Together, we unlock otherwise impossible travel experiences

The Bolt Collective is built upon five key principles:

1. Experiences are better shared with friends, whether they are new or old. 

2. The sum of our Collective is stronger than its parts. We travel further together.

3. We're an inclusively exclusive organization; while our membership is capped, we don't care what you look like, where you work, or how old you are. We seek all stripes, and focus on what you can add to our community.

4. We respect each other, the places we travel, and the people we encounter in equal measure. 

5. We value transparency, honesty, and the ability to adapt.


Detailed planning and relaxed programming is taken care of by experts, so you don't have to think. Just enjoy.

There's at least one experience per month, including long weekends designed to accommodate busy schedules, and you're welcome to join as many as you'd like.


Frequently Asked Questions


What does Bolt's community look like? 


Bolt's members grew up and live around the world. Our community is 60% female / 40% male, spans in age from 23 to 60 years old, and spend their working days in fields as varied as social work, corporate law, teaching, and music.  

Are these group tours? 


Bolt Collective offers accommodation, opportunities to break bread together, and at least one optional, curated, thoughtfully designed activity per day. But there's no set itinerary or schedule ("everyone on the bus by 9am!") - we believe in bringing people together around an interesting concept and developing delightful, surprising, engaging moments to stoke serendipity and connection.

How many members go on each Experience? Am I guaranteed a spot?


The number of members on each trip varies, depending on the Experience. Maintaining a vibrant, inclusive sense of community is top of mind as we plan Experiences, and the capacity of each trip reflects this mindset. A typical Bolt Experience hovers around 15 members. 

Experiences open to all members at the same time. Our goal is to offer all members access to each Experience, and we pledge to do everything in our control to include members who want to join, even last minute. However, given that many of the we are unable to guarantee space, and encourage members to book early to secure their spot. 

How do deposits and payment work for experiences, and can I cancel once booked?


To secure your spot on an experience, log into the Members Page, select the trip you'd like to join, and follow the prompts to send your 50% deposit via PayPal (no transaction fee, if sent by bank transfer) or credit card (2.9% + .25 transaction fee to cover costs). The remaining balance is due at least one month before the experience departure date.

We understand things come up, and we're as flexible as possible. In the event you need to cancel, let us know, and when the next member sends their deposit, we'll refund yours.

Can I bring a significant other or friend with me on a Bolt Collective experience? 


Experiences are limited exclusively to members to ensure everyone attending has been vetted by multiple current members, and are committed to our mission and code of conduct.

Current members interested in bringing a friend or significant other are encouraged to invite them to join Bolt. Prospective members can reference their referral in the application process. 

Will Bolt Collective always be capped at 300 members?


Our mission: build the world's most exceptional community of travelers. With this goal in mind, for the foreseeable future, Bolt Collective will be capped at 300 members. That said, collective purchasing power only grows in efficacy as more people put their weight behind it - so once we prove this model with several hundred folks, we may examine re-opening the group. 


Words from the Collective



Amanda R.

"Our parents had spaces to create life-long friendships - community centers, synagogues, churches, neighborhood associations. Bolt Collective provides opportunities to form similar bonds, through meaningful travel experiences around the world."


Amit P.

"Bolt Collective is an escape valve. I know that, every month, there's a chance for me to join an epic trip, with a mix of interesting, curious people. And the trip costs are accessible enough that I can hop on at least a couple of times per year."

The Bolt Collective is intentionally capped at 300 members.

The organization is funded by your modest annual membership dues, which pay staff a small salary, fund deposits for trips, cover travel, and help with other expenses.