We'd love to meet you.

We're building an inclusive community. We don't care what you look like, where you work, how much money make, who you love, what pronoun you prefer, or how old you are. We seek interesting folks who add diversity, interest, wonder, and joy to the Bolt Collective. 

After you submit your info (get a little creative!), a current member will be in touch to schedule a brief, casual phone call to tell you a bit more about us, and to learn a bit more about you. 

Before a member is formally admitted to the Bolt Collective, they agree to a comprehensive set of community guidelines, rooted in respect for fellow members, the places we visit, and the people we meet. 

Bolt Collective is currently accepting new members in three phases: 

  • Members 001 - 100: $300 first year membership dues

  • Members 101 - 300: $400 first year membership dues

  • Apply now to secure your spot in the current phase.

    Your membership will remain active for one year (365 days) from the departure date of your first Experience. This ensures you can join Bolt Collective at the current price, while still enjoying a full year of membership.

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